Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oil Trading Academy

This is an update post on the website Oil Trading Academy.

I signed up to the signal service two weeks ago from Oil Trading Academy. I followed both signals and I made $1,960 in profit. I'm very impressed so far. There is a lot of bad talk going on about Oil Trading Academy which is what prompted me to speak out. I bought the code 2 course a few days ago and all weekend I've been watching it. The information is amazing. It's obvious a computer is what's moving Oil around, and code 2 is the time basis for which this computer moves it, it's amazing! I'm so impressed with Oil Trading Academy that I wanted to speak out for them to defend them, because they are putting out some quality information that is drawing a lot of hate from somebody, I don't know who it is or why they are doing this but it must have something to do with the quality of the information or perhaps the type of information coming from them. But I can concur that oil is run by a computer, code 2 shows that to be true and can be seen on the chart. I have to tip my hat to Oil Trading Academy for having the courage to bring this forward. I'm going to stick with the signals service and see how it continues to go. It's nice to have them helping me. I think the signals is all somebody needs unless you want to learn to make the decisions yourself which is what I want. The signals by Oil Trading Academy will help me to learn the code 2 which I really like and don't mind paying $300 per month for. Wish me good luck! I'll update again on how I'm doing.

Check out their Facebook page at Oil Trading Academy Facebook and also here is a legit review here at Oil Trading Academy.

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  1. Great stuff about Oil Trading Academy I agree bought the course a year ago it works great!