Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Online Auto Income Website Course

As most of you are no doubt aware by now the trading world has been very
slow lately, Oil and Gold have been stuck in a tight trading range.
Because of this I've been looking for another way to make money online
and I've come across a truly exciting product from a website called
online auto income. I purchased their website course they offer for $400
and I must say it's an excellent product and I can see why it works so
well. All you do is make these simple yet highly effective websites
using keywords and they place easily on the Google index and then you
apply your Adsense and any type of affiliate programs you want to
promote and presto, easy money. It's not as easy as trading has been but
I'm excited about this product and information because I feel it has a
much better longer term potential.

So what I'm doing is following the steps in the course and I've put
together my first two sites which has only taken me 3 days to do! And
I'm never built a website before in my life! After I get 20-50 websites
done I plan to purchase their Youtube course also which I'm sure is just
as good but beforehand I want to focus on the websites, then I'll learn
to do the Youtube videos. The websites are way cool though and really
effective I can already tell, I'll blog again in the future when I see
just how much money they are making but I'm very excited about this!

For those of you interested the course is well done and it's very
simple, breaking down each step to follow making it very easy to follow
along on your own. After making 3 websites of my own I know what I'm
doing and don't need to even watch the video course anymore, it's pretty
easy to do just like they say. I give Online Auto Income 5 stars for
this course! I think I can accomplish 1 website per day and maybe even 2
per day, so I can reach my goal of 50 in one month for which I should be
making $2,000 per month at that point give or take reaching the $2,000
mark much sooner than the 4 month estimate they give on their website.
But I think they were talking about working one hour per day I'm not
entirely certain.

So for all you traders out there who are looking for something else to
do now that trading has become so slow look no further, if you are
willing to do the work as I'm doing then you can make money at this
because I can tell you it's working! I don't want to give away the trick
they teach because it wouldn't be fair but believe me there is an easy
trick to do that makes it work I can tell you that. I play to make 200
websites in total maybe even more and then I hope to also try the
Youtube course and see what that is about and hopefully I can make that
work too.

I'll update you guys when I know more, have a great summer everyone. Oh
here is the link to the course I purchased: Online Auto Income Website Course

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